Company identity - Branding

Company identity - Branding

Your company's image counts !

You are unique, you like having something to represent you and this way you're more easily recognizable. You like when people remember your name and it's even better when they truly know you. These things apply to companies and products as well. Your potential clients must remember your offer, that it had something special and how it was useful to them.
All these elements can be transmitted through the brand. That's why the identity must be carefully built and as close to the company's needs.

The name is probably the most important element for a powerful identity. It has to summarize first and foremost the product.
Regardless of the technique used in finding a name, it has to remain intuitive and self explanatory. On top of that, it has to sound good, to be easily pronounced in order to be understood just as easy.

The logo and graphics have to be recognizable!

The logo and graphics are extremely important especially in an environment such as the Internet, where anything is possible. The name and logo have to complement each other. Together they insure the products visual impact offering an everlasting first impression. In a space dominated by high speed this first impression is often decisive.

A dirty child, untidy and lacking coherence will never find many buddies on the playground. Even less when there's money involved.

Logo + Graphics + Catchphrase = Web identity !

That's why for our identity projects we consider aspects from branding, communications, design, marketing, psychology. Combined they lead to quality solutions capable of highlighting the product's strengths.

Also, in areas such as entertainment and fashion, the catchphrase and logo are themselves responsible for a large percent of the sales simply because they symbolize a certain status.

Our company's services

AllWeb247 offers complete online identity services:

  • Logo Design - we'll create a logo to match your product's image.
  • Catchphrase copy write (motto)- we'll create a simple, memorable catchphrase

We also offer offline image services:

  • Business card design
  • Envelope design
  • Letterhead design
  • Other stationery design